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Why Buy a Janome Overlocker

Posted on June 9 2013 by Sewing Machines in sewing, sewing machines, janome sewing machines, janome overlocker, borther overlocker, overlocker machine, embroidery machines, arts, crafts

Buying a sewing machine can be the biggest decision for some of us. It is not merely a machine, but your companion and guide in making your sewing and embroidery sessions better and more efficient. There can be nothing better than getting a sewing machine that is portable, durable and gives you chances of designing on your own instead of going for pre built designs in that are fed in the digital memory of the sewing machine. It may sound a little old school, but the truth is that even the best professional use overlocker machines for all their customized sewing needs.

The best machine in this case is the Janome Overlocker. There is no need to explain what position Janome holds in the world of creative arts. Clearly, this company has been trusted for years and now it is time that you get the most genuine and the hottest selling machine from the company, i.e. The Janome Overlocker. There is so much to be done with this machine, that words would simply downturn the real capability of this sewing machine.

The best thing about Janome Overlocker is that it is very practical. The design of the machine is not bulky but portable. In fact, it has been designed vertically so that it takes up lesser pace on the table as compared to a typical sewing machine. The company has kept the ergonomics in mind while designing this machine. This is one of the best, middle of the range overlocker machines that you can get.

The main features of the Janome overlocker include a speed of 1300 stitches per minute as well as thread guides that are coded according to colors. Not only this, you get to make an overlock stitch with as many as 3-4 threads at one time, this makes it the best overlocker sewing machine. The length of one stitch varies can be as small as 1 mm and as big as 4 mm. The company has also made sure that the beginners do not have any problems in using the sewing machine. Therefore, it comes with a Bonus DVD that will narrate the whole concept of sewing with a Janome Overlocker.

What should be liked the best is that there is needle guard for each needle so that your fingers stay safe. In fact, the needle threader is also quite easy to use. This is undoubtedly the best buy as an overlocker sewing machine.

Why Buy a Janome Overlocker
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